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Fire Alarm System Installation and Service in Sacramento

Fire alarm systems play a critical role in the safety of any building or structure. At Oxford Fire Inc, we have designed, installed, and programmed fire alarm systems for commercial and industrial facilities throughout the Sacramento area for many years. If you are a commercial or industrial business owner in Sacramento, we will be there when you need us to provide you with the following services:

Fire Alarm Installation

Proper fire alarm installation by certified professionals will ensure that the occupants of a building are notified in the event of a fire. At Oxford Fire Inc, we only use the best and most trusted fire alarm systems available. For this reason, we offer Sacramento businesses with systems from Gamewell-FCI as well as nonproprietary Honeywell, System Sensor, Fire Lite and Silent Knight.

Fire Alarm Inspection

Annual fire alarm inspection is key to ensuring the safety of your property and employees. Getting your system inspected once a year by the professionals at Oxford Fire Inc will give you peace of that you’re protected year round.

Fire Alarm Repairs

If, upon inspection, we find that your system is in need of repairs, our technicians will explain the situation to you and upon approval make all necessary repairs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Protect your property with Oxford Fire Inc

Here at Oxford Fire Inc, we take great pride in being Sacramento’s number one choice for fire alarm installation. To ensure our good standing in the community, we know that we need to continue to deliver high quality, reliable work to every installation that bears our name. If you are in or around Sacramento and in need of our fire alarm inspection, testing, and maintenance services, please do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We will gladly provide you with a free quote or schedule an onsite evaluation.

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