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Northern California Fire Protection FAQ

Being the leading fire protection service in Northern California, we here at Oxford Fire Inc Protection are frequently asked certain questions in regards to various fire detection, prevention or suppression systems. For your convenience, we have listed a few typical questions below. If your question is not answered here, by all means, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Q. We have an existing fire sprinkler system. It's a clean agent system as we have tons of computers in the office. It's a relatively new, state of the art system. Do we still need to have this system tested and if so, how often?

A. Per NFPA 72 it is a requirement the system be tested every six months. Additionally, the building owner must maintain documentation to that effect. With our partner Building Reports, customers can log in 24/7 to view and obtain their reports.

Q. We are considering putting a new fire alarm system in and were curious about the differences between an addressable fire alarm system and a conventional fire alarm system? What are the benefits of each?

A. An addressable fire alarm system is designed for larger buildings and operations in most cases as it can identify an individual device that is signalling an alarm. For instance, a security guard on the first floor of a larger building can immediately identify on a monitor that an alarm is being set off on the 6th floor. They can even identify what room the alarm is going off in if the addressable fire alarm system is programmed for it. A conventional fire alarm system is more of a general system typically used in smaller areas and buildings. It sounds a general alarm for a specific zone, but doesn't let you know what specific alarm is actually going off or where exactly it is located. The conventional fire alarm system's biggest benefit would be that it is less expensive than an addressable fire alarm system.

Q. We own a pawn shop and need a sprinkler system to conform to the local fire code. We are unsure whether or not we require a clean agent fire protection system or not?

A. A clean agent waterless fire protection system is used in rooms and areas where water can cause as much damage as fire. Computer rooms, control rooms, film, video and audio storage facilities, important storage areas, telecommunications centers, banks, vaults and safe deposit rooms, clean rooms, rooms storing or utilizing electrical equipment, mechanic bays, schools, universities, labs, libraries, museums, art galleries, archives are all best served by utilizing a clean agent fire protection system to protect valuables and equipment from both fire damage and from damage caused by fire protection devices. If your pawn shop carries a lot of electrical equipment, music equipments, televisions and so forth, we would highly recommend a clean agent waterless fire protection system for your facility.

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