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When it comes to protecting your business, annual fire alarm system inspection and maintenance is critical. Routine inspection by a certified technician will ensure that your fire alarm system is in working condition and give you peace of mind that your employees will be alerted in the event of a fire.


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Protect your commercial business with Oxford Fire

When it comes to fire alarm system inspections, it is crucial that you go with a fire prevention company that can properly troubleshoot and repair all of the components of a fire alarm system. Simply put, going with experience saves lives. At Oxford Fire, we know what an important role our services play in protecting the people & property of Sacramento. Our technicians are committed to delivering the highest quality of work to every job we take on, big or small. From small businesses to big corporations to industrial facilities, we always employ all of our expertise to ensure your fire alarm system is able to do its job 24/7.

Commercial and Industrial Services

With decades of experience, we have the skill necessary to design, install, maintain, and monitor the following:

  • Fire Alarm & Life Safety Systems
  • Clean Agent suppression systems, including Novec & FM200
  • Flame & Gas Detection
  • High sensitivity air sampling detection
  • Voice evacuation
  • ADA Notification

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If you are in Sacramento and in need of our fire alarm system services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We proudly offer 24/7 emergency service for all your fire alarm system needs. We look forward to helping you gain the peace of mind you need and deserve!